Terms & Conditions

In Clinic appointments:

SKB Clinic enforces a 72 hour cancellation policy on all services in Clinic and reserves the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee on treatment appointments for any no-shows and late cancellations. A 100% prepayment is required on consultation and patch test appointments. Any fees paid are non-refundable and cannot be used as credit towards any other treatments or appointments. Note that you may be considered a no-show if you are late for your scheduled appointment, and it is up to SKB Clinic to decide whether the fee is applied.

Outside Clinic appointments (Hair/Makeup only):

  • All appointments for hair and makeup are secured through a 50% booking fee (over £500 bookings) or full payment (under £500 bookings) and are booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • Payments can be made by cash, card or bank transfer only. Any amount of payment made is non-refundable. If there is any remaining balance and/or additional payment due, this must be paid in full during your appointment time by cash or card only, or before the appointment date(s) by bank transfer.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel an appointment or part of an appointment, you must inform SKB Clinic at least 72 hours before the date of the appointment and in writing. Payments already made towards any appointments that are cancelled cannot be used as credit towards any other service and is non refundable.
  • SKB Clinic only uses products that are dermatologically tested and hypo-allergenic. You must declare any skin allergies or health conditions you have prior to booking any appointment.
  • Photographs may be taken of the work produced that may be used for the Clinic’s portfolio and for future marketing purposes. If you do not wish for this to be done, please ensure that the Clinic is made aware of this.
  • It is imperative that you are ready for your appointment on time. If you are late, we may be unable to complete the service. Any extra time taken to complete the appointment due to a late start is also chargeable at a rate of £1 per minute and must be paid at the time of your appointment.
  • You must ensure that a car parking space is available and is close to the venue for your artist. Please note that if any car parking fees are required, these fees must also be paid for by the client.

SKB Clinic enforces a zero tolerance policy. It reserves the right to refuse to carry out any booking if any abusive language, a threat of any physical violence is experienced, and/or health and safety is threatened or jeopardised in any way. Such incident may lead to prosecution. This does not entitle a refund of any payments made and the Clinic reserves the right to charge you as per terms and conditions outlined above and as a late cancellation.

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