We may come to a time where we would like to remove old permanent makeup work from our skin and, perhaps, start again fresh with a new colour or design. Or some of us have an unfortunate experience with work that is unflattering, may it be incorrect pigment colour choice, shape and placement of the permanent makeup.

SKB Clinic uses the Li-FT Saline Removal method to lighten/help remove unwanted Permanent Makeup. In most cases, it can take multiple sessions until we reach our desired results. It is impossible to predict the number of sessions that are required, as this is determined by the saturation, depth, colour and type of pigment implanted.

SKB Clinic also offers an advanced level removal – Emergency Removal. However, this procedure must only take place within the first 48 hours after your permanent makeup treatment. After this time, you must wait at least 4 weeks before a removal session can take place. If you require an Emergency Removal, please send a message to SKB Clinic immediately and we will do our best to accommodate, even outside of business hours if possible.

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